$1.4 Billion In School Construction Is Coming Down The Pike, But Will The Work Go To Locals?

As for training local contractors to find out-of-county jobs? Spaulding says that’s not an immediate concern in Kern County, which has been experiencing exponential growth. It just received more than $1 billion in school construction bonds, is undertaking $630 million in road improvement projects, and will be supplying a workforce for the looming construction of the multi-billion dollar high-speed rail project that is planned to cut through the county. All of this takes place as residential development continues throughout Bakersfield.

Source : http://www.bakersfield.com/news/billion-in-school-construction-is-coming-down-the-pike-but/article_58467408-7d56-11e7-9a91-73e3ea4d619f.html

$1.4 billion in school construction is coming down the pike, but will the work go to locals?
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