15 Year Old Girl Dies After Tree Falls On Her While She Was On A Hammock


A 15-year-old Kentucky girl was killed after a tree fell on her and her friend Tuesday evening.

Michelle Chalk was sitting on a hammock between two trees at a friend’s house when on of the trees collapsed on them. Her friend was not seriously injured, but Chalk was killed “almost instantly,” according to WLWT-5. The tree was described as old, but what caused it to fall isn’t clear.

Chalk would have been a freshman student at Highlands High School in a few weeks, WCPO reports. She was a ballet dancer and a member of the Cincinnati Ballet’s cast for The Nutcracker since 2013.

Michelle Chalk/Facebook

The artistic director of the Cincinnati Ballet, Victoria Morgan, told WCPO the company was “deeply saddened to lose Michelle, who was a vibrant and beloved member of our young performers cast.”

Karen Cheser, the superintendent of Fort Thomas Independent Schools, told NBCi4 that grief counseling was available at what would have been Chalk’s high school.

“My own children went through a similar tragedy with a friend and I know that all they wanted to do was to hang out together, to be together, to mourn together and also to share wonderful memories,” Cheser said.


Source : http://people.com/human-interest/teen-girl-dies-fallen-tree/

15-Year-Old Girl Dies After Tree Falls on Her While She Was on a Hammock
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