4 Unique Itineraries For The Ultimate African Journey

Catching a glimpse of the rare simians won’t be an easy task, though; in addition to the finite population, mountain gorillas are naturally reclusive. However, with an experienced guide, some patience and a lot of hiking, you can make sure your trip to Rwanda is one you’ll never forget.

The best place to find Rwandan gorillas is deep in the bamboo forests of the Virunga Mountains — a chain of dormant volcanoes on the border of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo — specifically Mount Karisimbi and Mount Visoke. Once you’ve reached the mountains, it will take about a five-hour hike to reach their hideout.

What you can expect to see

Mountain gorillas live in tight-knit social communities, much like humans. Most groups won’t be larger than 30 members, but every group, no matter the size, adheres to the same organizational hierarchy.

The first group member you’ll notice is the dominant silverback, a large male with a distinctive silver coloring. The dominant silverback serves as both leader and protector of the group. However, like human governmental structures, a leadership term for a silverback only lasts about four years. When you come upon a group of gorillas, the silverback will likely be at the center of the action, surrounded by females — bonded to the silverback for life — and their babies.

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4 unique itineraries for the ultimate African journey
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