4 Year Old Girl Drowns In Maryland Pool Along With Grandfather Who Jumped In To Save Her

SEVERNA PARK, Md. — A 4-year-old girl has drowned along with her grandfather who jumped into a neighbor’s backyard pool in Maryland to try to save her.

Anne Arundel County officials said 51-year-old Lemuel Kane and his granddaughter, Aryannah Wooten, were pulled from a pool in Severna Park on Thursday afternoon.

County police spokesman Lt. Ryan Frashure tells news outlets that neighborhood children were swimming when Aryannah, who couldn’t swim, jumped into the deep end.

Kane went in after her, but began struggling.

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Aryannah Wooten, 4, and her grandfather, Lemuel Kane, 51, both drowned in a neighbor's swimming pool.

(FOX Baltimore)

Frashure says the other children ran to Aryannah’s great-grandmother, who found the two at the bottom of the pool and called 911.

Rescuers pulled them from the pool and rushed them to the hospital, where officials say they were pronounced dead.

Source : http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/girl-drowns-maryland-pool-grandfather-article-1.3386780

4-year-old girl drowns in Maryland pool along with grandfather who jumped in to save her
4-Year-Old And Her Grandfather Drown After He Jumps Into Pool to Save Her
4-year-old girl, grandfather drown in neighbor's pool
Grandfather drowns trying to save granddaughter in pool
Grandfather, Granddaughter Who Drowned In Neighbor's Severna Park Pool Identified
4-year-old and grandfather drown in pool
Four-year-old girl, grandfather drown in neighbor’s pool in Maryland