6 Ways Your Neighborhood Is Making You Gain Weight

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Weight has been a struggle for me since junior high. Between then and now I’ve tried different diets, diet pills, a few gyms, and some trendy exercise programs to shed weight. It never stays off. There was a point after my second child that I had gotten down to my lowest weight in years – then I got pregnant with twins and my weight went back up. I want to lose weight but I’m done dieting. I want a healthy lifestyle change for the rest of my life and there are 6 ways I’m changing my mindset about weight loss, that are making this time the last time.

The ways that I changed my mindest about weight loss.>

Any other time I’ve tried to lose weight I jumped right into a routine of eating a certain way and working out a certain amount. I didn’t really think about it or focus on my mindset. I wanted to lose weight, that was it. The game changer for me this time around, is the fact that I’m retraining my brain for new habits.  A change in mindset that allows me to live a healthier life,

for the rest of my life. I want my kids to have a mom who is self confident, and for my husband to have a wife who feels as sexy as he thinks she is. It truly starts in the mind and after taking the

NeuroGym >Weight Loss Quiz,

and watching the

Winning the Game of Weight Loss Webinar, I finally feel like I’m on the right path!

Innercising is one of the ways I'm changing my mindset about weight loss>

6 Ways I’m Changing My Mindset About Weight Loss

#1 Made Me A Priority

You know I’m all about Me Time! Every month I share lots of ways to sneak in me time but I have a confession. I’ve been really bad about taking care of myself lately. Being overwhelmed and exhausted is not a reason to let self care slide, if anything they are reasons to focus more on it. So, I added myself to the daily to-do list and made me a priority. Every evening I have a date with myself, and I’ll tell you what I’ve been doing when we get to #3.

#2 Short-Term Goals

For me, the long journey is releasing weight and living a healthier life. Breaking down short-term goals to reach the long-term goal is making a huge difference. Instead of changing everything at once, I’m tackling things little by little. First, I gave up soda a few months ago and it’s been going really well. Now I’m ready to learn more about nutrition and what I’m putting into my body. With access to >Winning the Game of Weight Loss

for life, I will be adjusting my goals as I progress through the program and retrain my brain.

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. – John Maxwell

#3 Positive Self Talk

I mentioned that making myself a priority involves a daily date with myself. For the past few weeks I’ve been walking around the neighborhood with my earbuds in, spreading motivating and positive thoughts into my brain. It’s relaxing and it’s helping me change my mindset about weight loss. The focus on retraining your brain and reshaping your body image from the inside out is a big reason I was interested in Winning the Game of Weight Loss. I’m on level 3 of 12 so far, and innercising while exercising is probably my new favorite thing! It truly is helping me think about weight loss differently.

Positive Self Talk is one of the ways I'm changing my mindset about weight loss.>

#4 Consistency

If there is one thing I’m consistent at, it’s being inconsistent. I know consistency is important in all aspects of life, especially when trying to lose weight and live a healthier life. Being consistent helps habits form and when retraining the brain, you want those good habits to stick. With NeuroGym, I’m working on the consistency part and it’s creeping it’s way into other areas of my life. I believe it’s 21 days you should do something to make it a habit. As of today I have 1 more week until I hit that magic number with Winning the Game of Weight Loss! Since I started I’ve been consistently walking every day while listening to the audios, and giving myself positive self talks in the morning.

#5 Support

Ultimately we are the only ones who can change us. However, I’m a firm believer that a support system is helpful to our success. Whether it’s raising twins or changing my mindset about weight loss, having people in my corner cheering me on and wiping away the sweat is encouraging. Encouragement motivates me, which is probably why I love earning points and bonuses for achieving levels in >Winning the Game of Weight Loss


#6 Journaling

I had many a diary growing up, but I had yet to try journaling as an adult. That changed two weeks ago after watching the Winning the Game of Weight Loss Webinar. As I began listening to the innercises and reshaping my internal image, I got excited about my new reality. I had so many thoughts flowing through my head that I had to get them all out. Journaling is helping me see progress, and work through struggles that are coming up. Because no journey is without bumps in the road.

Journaling is one way I changed my mindset about weight loss.>

Winning the Game of Weight Loss has helped me change my mindset about weight loss. I’m motivated and excited to continue through the next 9 levels. It’ll take me a few months and that is okay because it’s about changing my lifestyle forever, not losing a few pounds to gain it all back. Personally, that’s tiring. Don’t you agree? If you do, I highly recommend taking the >Weight Loss Quiz

. It’s a short but in-depth quiz with 10 questions that will take you less than 10 minutes. The results will give you insights into your personal weight loss journey and I found them pretty insightful.

After taking the quiz, you’ll be invited to the free >Winning the Game of Weight Loss Webinar

that focuses on how crucial mindset is to the success of any weight loss goal. Held every Thursday night, the webinar is hosted by four experts: John Assaraf, JJ Virgin, Ari Whitten and Marc David. Loaded with extremely helpful information, I learned something from each on of them and walked away amazed.

Not just amazed, ready to get to root of the problem – MINDSET. Unlike any other program that uses tactics like calorie counting and food restrictions, Winning the Game of Weight Loss focuses on the inside first. That’s something I needed and it’s really helping me think about weight loss differently.

Take the Weight Loss Quiz and start changing your mindset about weight loss!

6 Ways I'm Changing my Mindset About Weight Loss with NeuroGym>

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6 Ways I’m Changing My Mindset About Weight Loss
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