8 Year Old Girl Dies After Being Dared To Drink Boiling Water Out Of Straw


Childhood is a stage where kids start seeing the world at a different point of view. They try to imitate almost everything they see around. While this is usually a good stage to realize their talents, it can also be the worst stage of their lives. Pope’s story is just one example why this stage is tricky.

An 8-year-old Florida girl recently died from complications after she drank boiling water on a “dare.”

Ki’ari Pope of Boynton Beach severely burned her throat and mouth in March when her little cousin dared her to drink some boiling water using a straw, as per Florida Department of Children and Families.

“Pope was dared to drink boiling water by her cousin who is of the same age just as her,” states a GoFundMe page that was set up for Pope’s funeral expenses. The page further explained that the girls got that idea from a “YouTube video.”

The little girl, who would have celebrated her birthday on September 10, received a tracheotomy which “caused her to suffer chronic respiratory complications” and incapacitated her to talk.”

“This last month my child has experienced so much that I didn’t realize how strong she was till [that] was her only option,” Pope’s mum Tweeted.

‘Palm Beach Post,’ stated that Pope complained that she was having difficulties breathing at her home. Minutes later, her mom’s fiancé said she was unresponsive and unconscious. After paramedics spent about 40-minutes attempting to resuscitate her; the rescue crews rushed Pope to a nearby hospital—where she was later pronounced dead.

Marquita Williams, 32, Pope’s cousin, recently remembered the tragic scalding accident. She explained that “it has been tough to deal with.”

“They didn’t tell me that she drank the hot boiling water. Rather, I thought it was just hot water coming out of the faucet,” Williams said of how the cousins briefed her.

Williams gave pope some cold water, and they went to bed that night. But a few hours later, Pope woke up crying, “It burns! It burns!”

‘WPTV’ of West Palm Beach, reports that the department of ‘Critical Incident Rapid Response Team’ will be investigating into Pope’s death because a recent investigation found a proof of either neglect or abuse.

A funeral for Pope was scheduled to take place at Johnson’s Memorial Chapel, Boynton, on August 12.

Even though we can’t resurrect Pope, we can prevent many other deaths of this kind. Let’s watch our kids!

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An 8-Year-Old Girl Died Months After Being Dared To Drink Boiling Water Through A Straw
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8-Year-Old Girl Dies After Being Dared to Drink Boiling Water