AL Mom Who Posted Viral Back To School Picture Surprised By Social Media Reaction

And though it’s remarkable that a Cameroonian kid who didn’t know much English seven years ago is now better at the Internet than anyone in the NBA, it’s not quite as remarkable as the fact that a Cameroonian kid who didn’t play organized basketball until seven years ago is the future of the NBA. But if we know him for the former that’s because, unfortunately, Embiid’s career has been more Internet gold than basketball majesty. Drafted out of Kansas in 2014, he was the crown jewel of then-GM Sam Hinkie’s “Trust the Process” rebuilding program (translated, it means: Trust that the best way to go from .500ish Team to Playoff Contender is a multi-year stop at NBA Doormat, to accumulate draft picks). But Embiid had to sit out the first two seasons with injuries. Last season, his third, he finally played thirty-one games and looked magnificent. So magnificent it made the punchline Sixers a must-watch team, and made The Process look….genius. Then Embiid got hurt again, done for the season.

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