Briarwood Swimming Pool Club Will Not Open This Summer

The Briarwood Swimming Pool Club will not open this summer.


Owners Paul and Judy Clark are retiring after running the pool for the past 33 years.

“There’s a lot of memories,” Judy told the Log Cabin Democrat through tears. “The smiling, happy faces of the children. We’ve had such good lifeguards and help over the years. It would’ve been hard for me to run it without them.”

The pool is up for grabs, she said.

“It’s been for sale for about a year,” Judy said. “We’ve had a lot of interest in it.”

Judy said health concerns led her and Paul to the decision to not open.

“My husband’s health has not been good for some years. I’ve been doing it with some help,” she said. “It’s time for me to retire. I need to be home with him. My health isn’t the best either.”

The Clarks hope whoever buys the pool shares their “vision for Family, Friends, and Fun,” the couple wrote in a letter to Briarwood members.

The pool has special meaning for the couple because they met at a city pool in their hometown when Judy was a teenager.

“I was 16 and babysitting a cousin. I would always take her to the pool,” Judy said, recalling how they met. “He told me one day he was going to marry me and I thought ‘This man is crazy. I’ve got to stay away from him.’”

But, her family knew his family and that’s how they got together, Judy said.

For years, Paul ran the city pool at Fayetteville. After the couple moved to Conway, the previous owners of Briarwood put the pool on the market.

“When he saw it for sale, he wanted it,” Judy said.

She laughed that Paul was always reluctant to do yard work at home but “he loved getting the pool ready each spring.”

After reminiscing about the past three decades of owning Briarwood, Judy struggled to talk as she told the Log Cabin Democrat what she would like to say to the couple’s former patrons.

“It was a real joy to meet the people of the city. They feel like family,” she said. “We appreciated them entrusting us with their children.”

Anyone interested in buying Briarwood can call 501-472-9295.

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Briarwood Swimming Pool Club will not open this summer
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