CDC Says Parasite Could Be Lurking In Swimming Pools

LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) -

Before cooling off at the pool, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention warns there might be something in the water.

Reports of cryptosporidium outbreaks linked to swimming pools and water playgrounds have doubled from 2014 to 2016 across the nation.

The CDC is asking residents to be aware when you’re out at the pool.

Crypto is a parasite which commonly spreads when people swallow water at a pool or water park that is contaminated with fecal matter from a sick person.

The report states that it only takes a small number of crypto germs to get a person sick and that the parasite is difficult to kill because it can survive up to ten days in properly treated chlorinated water.

Despite these reports, the City of Laredo Parks and Leisure Department says that they have not had any signs of crypto or any other parasite in the pools.

The eight city pools go through treatment each day before the gates open.

Whether it may be at a city pool or your own pool, it is important to keep the pool clean and prevent water contamination.

Residents can help by staying out of the pool if you feel sick or have diarrhea.

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CDC issues warning: Parasites could be lurking in pool water
CDC says parasite could be lurking in swimming pools
WARNING: Parasite could be lurking in pools
CDC says parasite could be lurking in swimming pools