Clifford Chance Releases Unseen Video Footage Of Its Famous Swimming Pool

Don’t be afraid anonymous. No ilicit drugs required for what I say to be real, and to be achievable. I have progressed more quickly than would ever have been possible in an MC firm. Some will say that partnership is worth less because it’s not MC- assuming I earn less or do less interesting work. Of course the work isn’t the same. It’s more varied & day 1 more responsible because it’s more coal face. I earn more, not less. Do your homework and look around- spot and avoid dinosaurs and look for niche firms. The incredible reality is that the world, including the legal industry & individual firms and businesses, are changing beyond recognition. The magic circle can’t keep up & have legacy overheads they can’t ditch even if they wanted to (like buildings with swimming pools). Their ‘pitch’ to trainees is the same as it was 15 years ago. Their businesses are too big and unwieldy to adapt quickly. They tell you a swimming pool and ‘free’ gym membership etc are perks in the hope you’ll believe them & generally ride on the strength of their brands (including with clients). At best they talk about ‘flexible’ working at some unknown/undefined point in the future ‘maybe’ when you’ve already given your best years. Clients are getting wise & looking at niche firms and people (ie staff) are catching onto much more exciting career & life opportunities too after the cache of working MC wears thin (6months?). There’s no reason staff even need to be in one country any more. Technology has moved on and as a result the world is getting smaller. The only issue we ask people to work with us on is the time zone of where they are, and to have a solid internet connection. And of course this doesn’t apply day 1. You have to work to get there & you have to work to stay there. It’s probably equal those that fail to make the grade (or decide it isn’t for them) vs those who ‘succeed’ but it’s real & there’s a clear pathway. If you’re going to work hard to achieve a dream don’t let it be an inner city swimming pool in a building! Dare to dream a little bit bigger than that! Good luck.

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Clifford Chance releases unseen video footage of its famous swimming pool
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