Don't Go Out In Activewear, Tip Your Hairdresser At Christmas And If You Must Take A Photo Of Dinner Make Sure You Do It Quickly: Your Guide To Modern Day Manners Revealed

Manners maketh man, or at least so goes the much-quoted expression.

But what constitutes as manners in 2016, and which set of rules and regulations are hideously out of date?

A new book, titled The A-Z of Modern Manners, by David Meagher, delves into the world of etiquette, with advice on how to behave well in every social, professional and technological situation.

And from how to quaff champagne to whether or not you should wear your trainers out in public, it seems as though the rules are as strict as ever. 

Here, FEMAIL reveals some of the things you need to know. 

A new book, The A-Z of Modern Manners, by David Meagher (pictured), delves into the world of etiquette, with advice on how to behave in every social and professional situation

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Don't go out in activewear, tip your hairdresser at Christmas and if you must take a photo of dinner make sure you do it quickly: Your guide to modern-day manners revealed
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