Don't Mind Us! Hilarious Photos Prove That Children Really CAN Sleep Anywhere (including In A Laundry Basket And On The Toilet)

We've all experienced the sudden urge to nod off - but taking a quick kip at our desks wouldn't exactly go down well.

But for these laidback children, taking some time out for a power nap is just part of their daily routine - and it doesn't matter where they are.

Proving that children really do have the ability to doze off at the drop of a hat, these hilariously adorable images see them taking a kip anywhere - from a laundry basket to face first into a pile of Lego.

All flushed out: These hilarious photos prove that children really do have the ability to doze off at the drop of a hat - including this sleepy tot who found a trip to the toilet just too much

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Don't mind us! Hilarious photos prove that children really CAN sleep anywhere (including in a laundry basket and on the toilet)
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