FRAUD ALERT: Jury Duty Phone Scam Targets Arlington County Citizens

ARLINGTON, VA — The Arlington County Police Department and Sherrif's Office are warning the public about a missed jury duty telephone scam targeting county residents.

Several residents have reported getting phone calls from people claiming to be a Deputy with the Arlington County Sheriff’s Office, along with other local law enforcement agencies.

The callers tell the victims that they failed to appear for jury duty and a warrant for their arrest will be issued unless they pay a fine.

The Arlington County Police Department will never ask for money over the phone. If you receive a call like this, police say to immediately hang up with the caller and verify the claim by calling the Arlington County Sheriff’s Office at 703.228.4460.

Never use a phone number provided to you from the caller to verify their credibility, police say. Police also warn to never provide personal information such as bank account numbers to anyone over the phone.

After making a verification call, if you find that you were a target or victim of a scam, you are asked to file an online police report or call the non-emergency police line at 703.558.2222.

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