Gurgaon: Unitech Escape Residents Demand Operational Swimming Pool In 30 Days

Residents of Unitech Escape in Nirvana country are demanding that the swimming pool that was promised to them at the time of launch of the project should be made functional.

The swimming pool in the apartment complex has remained non-functional for the last five years despite the residents moving into the complex in 2012.

The resident welfare association (RWA) of Unitech Escape has demanded that in case the developer is not able to operationalise this facility, then residents be allowed to use the swimming pool of an adjacent condominium or complex that has been developed by Unitech. There are two swimming pools thata re operational near Unitech Escape condominium — Club Patio and in Nirvana Country.

There are 8 towers in Unitech Espace condominium in Sector 50 is made up of eight towers that comprises 450 apartments, of which 238 are occupied.

Residents already living in Unitech Escape said that the developers provided them with only a gym and a table tennis table for their recreation and the promise of a swimming pool was never made good.

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“Why should the people suffer even after paying Rs 50,000 for club and swimming pool facilities. Till this pool is made functional, the builder should allow the residents access to a pool which in our neighbouring areas — in Nirvana Country or at Club Patio”, said Shantanu Choudhury, general- secretary RWA.

The RWA further claimed that the developer, in the name of constructing a swimming pool, had just made a large half complete cement structure. The 23 feet by 60 feet wide pool structure, they said, lay unfinished as there was no proper water pipeline connection.

“All the residents invested money in the condominium after being impressed by the name of the developer. Later, we figured that the construction quality was average and the swimming pool did not work. Despite repeated complaints about the same there has been no response from the developer” said Manashi Roy a member of the RWA.

The tenants of the society said that Unitech should make the pool inside the complex functional within a month oif they couldn’t give them access to other pools.

Despite repeated attempts,the developer did nnot respond to emails or phone calls.

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Gurgaon: Unitech Escape residents demand operational swimming pool in 30 days
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