Health Alert: Walk For Arthritis, Health & Safe Swimming Week, Stroke Awareness Month


Time for Health Alerts! Tonight, Doctor Elizabeth Hess joins us to talk about the importance of exercising outside.

Question: So, Dr. Hess, why are doctors finding that parks are some of the best places to prescribe physical activity for health?

Answer: Nate, physicians and pediatricians are always recommending ways to fight chronic disease and obesity. Physical activity is the foundation for a healthy lifestyle and we're finding that the local parks and trails are the perfect place for people to get their daily dose of exercise, whether it's running around with your kids, jogging, or simply walking the trail.

Question: So what about gyms or other recreational facilities?

Answer: Well, all forms of exercise and recreational activity are great. However, especially with it being summertime, we recommend the parks because they have a fun, revitalizing energy associated with it. It does well for your health to get out in the fresh air and use your body. Not only that, but parks are also accessible to people of all ages, abilities, and incomes.

Question: Can exercising outside help with chronic diseases?

Answer: Absolutely, there are multiple health benefits to exercising outside. Just as an example, studies show that diabetic individuals taking 30-minute walks in a green space, experienced lower blood glucose.

Answer: For individuals with arthritis, walking in a park is typically therapeutic and low impact, which can help reduce pain and improve mobility as well as quality of life. Another important point is the benefit exercising outside can have on our kids. Children today are experiencing record levels of obesity and high blood pressure. Using park facilities and programming encourages exercise and healthy habits, which help children fight these diseases. Active children also show more brain activity and are more likely to earn better grades in school. Kids exercising in a park are less likely to be distracted by electronic devices, too.

WEB EXCLUSIVE Question: What types of physical activities do you recommend that people engage in when visiting a park?

Answer: Anything within your own abilities. You can walk, run, bike, play sports, etc.

Pace yourself if needed and do a little bit at a time. Walk a mile one day and add a more distance the next. Your health and quality of life will improve over time and every bit counts no matter how little or how much.

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