Help Wanted: Swimming Pool In Remote North Iceland Fjord Can't Open Due To Lack Of Workers

By Staff/> |May 19 2017

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    Worker Shortage The ad the local council took out offering jobs at the swimming pool in Öxarfjörður.

Plans to open a new geothermal swimming pool in the remote northern fjord of Öxarfjörður has proven more challenging than expected due to difficulties in finding workers. Only one person has applied for a summer job at the new pool five months after the local council first asked for applications.

Lots of jobs to be had in the area

Unemployment in North Iceland is exceptionally low this summer. So low in fact, that the local council of Norðurþing is finding it difficult to open the swimming pool in Lundur in Öxarfjörður.

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"The job situation is good [in the area] and there are a lot of jobs to be had" a local official told local newspaper Fréttablaðið.

Workers must be healthy and pass swimming pool standards

The local council first took out an ad for the positions at the pool five months ago. People willing to fill a full-time as well a part-time position are being sought for the summer.

"The job includes working in the reception, supervision and service for guests and cleaning of the premises and the pool. The applicant must be of good health and pass a qualification standard for swimming pools," the ad reads in part.

For those interested in working at a geothermal swimming pool in a remote Icelandic fjord, the local council is still taking applications until the 26th of May.

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Help Wanted: Swimming pool in remote North Iceland fjord can't open due to lack of workers
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