Here's Who To Contact If You're Struggling With Opioid Addiction

If you are struggling with opioid addiction, help is just a phone call — or a text — away.


24-hour Heroin Addiction Hotline: Counselors are available nationwide for anonymous discussions about opioid abuse and solutions. Placement into detox centers, rehab and treatment centers can be arranged the same day.

Phone: (888) 966-8404

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Bridge Back to Life Center: The center provides intensive outpatient addiction and counseling services in Midtown, Staten Island, Brooklyn and Nassau County.

Phone: (844) 896-BBTL


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Promesa Inc.: Located in the Mount Hope section of the Bronx, Promesa Inc. provides inpatient and residential short term treatment care.

Address: 1776 Clay Ave., second floor

Phone: (718) 299-1100

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Help is just a phone call — or a text — away.

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YMCA Counseling Service: This group provides specific treatment plans for every client. They also treat families and specialize in helping children and high-risk teens.

Address: 3911 Richmond Ave., Staten Island.

Phone: (347) 658-5098

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Creedmoor Addiction Treatment Center: The Queens rehab center provides short-term inpatient care to individuals addicted to alcohol and drugs and specializes in providing care for the poor.

Address: 80-45 Winchester Boulevard, Queens

Phone: (718) 264-3740

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NYC WELL: If you feel you are misusing drugs, the city can connect you with a counselor and provide essential services. Call (888) NYC-WELL or text “well” to 65173.


Narcotics Anonymous: The name says it all. Find an outlet to talk about your addiction and seek support for your recovery by finding a daily meeting across the five boroughs at

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Here's who to contact if you're struggling with opioid addiction
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