Hurry Up Mom! Impatient Pup Repeatedly Honks Car Horn While Its Owner Shops At A Gas Station

This dog is ready to get a move on!

A hilarious video shows the moment a dog tells its owner to hurry up by honking a car horn. 

The dog's owner goes into a gas station store so it decides to take the wheel.

The impatient passenger sits in the front seat and repeatedly honks the car horn.


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It takes eight honks before the owner comes out of the store to tell the dog to get out of the driver's seat.

The video is taken by Justin Crail who was sitting in a car a few spaces down from the dog.

The dog took over the driver's seat It takes eight honks to for the owner to come outside

Rocket dog: An impatient pup honks the car horn to make its owner shop faster

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Hurry up mom! Impatient pup repeatedly honks car horn while its owner shops at a gas station
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