Michael Gerson: For Wisdom On North Korea, Trump Should Pay A Visit To The White House Library

A case can be made for both sides. In one view, the North Korean regime is a criminal enterprise, not a suicidal death cult. The logic and practice of nuclear deterrence — which includes the right of a pre-emptive nuclear first strike — will hold. In another view, the North Korean regime is deeply unstable, prone to miscalculation and capable of unthinkable horrors. With the artificial confidence of nuclear capabilities, the North Korean regime could blunder past real red lines and set off unpredictable escalation.

Source : http://www.dailyprogress.com/opinion/opinion-column-for-wisdom-on-north-korea-trump-should-visit/article_f3fcd07a-7ec5-11e7-b1a0-f71649fd6999.html

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