Modern Manners

A former UT football player, now a sports announcer, is lending his time and talents this week to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club of the Austin Area.

He's also is making sure some of those kids are prepared to bite off all they can when it comes to moving up in the world.

The sound of clinking glasses is all that can be heard inside one meeting room at the Four Season's hotel downtown.  

"All that clanking!" marveled modern manners expert Sharon Schweitzer. "Can we stir quietly?"

They say,"manners maketh man" and Wednesday evening more than a dozen young people from Austin's Boys and Girls Club will enjoy a delicious four-course meal, where etiquette is the main course.

"These are our future leaders," Schweitzer said. "They need to be able to interact, they need to be able to dine and handle things face to face."

16-year-old Amani McDonald is ready to get his fill.

"I think that dinner etiquette is something important," he said. "So you don't seem out of place."

Brian Jones is a former UT and professional football player, now a radio announcer. He said these kids are hungry for knowledge, and wishes he could have learned formal table manners early on.

"The dinner was born from my experiences, being recruited and having anxiety all these utensils in front of you and not knowing which ones to use," Jones said.

Austin Boys and Girls Club chaperone Alicia Ford keeps a close eye on her charges, as they learn how to place a napkin on their lap, correctly hold a knife and fork, and other etiquette tips.

"You want to show them networking," Ford said. "You're going to be going to fancier places, you want them to eat right, not slurp your soup."

The soup course caught the young men and women by surprise.

"The soup thing!" laughed 17-year-old Ulysses Garcia. "You tap on the plate and lean forward a little bit."

17-year-old Makiya Taylor added, "I knew the napkin part, but not the soup thing!"

It's a meal and an experience these kids won't soon forget.

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