Mom Takes Hilarious ‘pool Day’ Photo To Celebrate Kids Going Back To School

For many families, the end of summer means the start of back-to-school season. The same goes for Jena Willingham and her three kids.

The majority of children would probably agree that the summer months and the vacation that comes with them are one of the best times of the entire year.

But that also means that going back to school isn’t exactly the best of times.

As you’ll see in the video below, Jena’s three kids seem to echo that sentiment. Jenna, however, is feeling the complete opposite!

In commemoration of her kids going back to school, Jena decided to take a picture with them. That picture has quickly gone viral!

“Happy First Day of School everyone!” she captioned the picture on her Facebook page. Since its posting, the photo has garnered over 6,000 reactions and 17,000 shares!

Comments from like-minded moms have been flooding in, with people sharing how hilarious they think Jena is.

“I love this picture, best back to school picture I’ve ever seen,” said one commenter.

Another said, “This is going to be me!”

In the end, Jena’s viral photo pretty much summed up many parents’ reactions to the end of summer and the start of back-to-school season.

Check it out in the video below, and please

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Footage provided by WHNT Huntsville

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