Shock As Public Chases Off Two Men Caught Trying To Abduct A Swan

Wildlife enthusiasts in Yeovil were left in shock last night after the attempted abduction of a Swan from Yeovil Country Park.

The park put out a message on its Facebook page yesterday (May 18) after members of the public chased off two men who were trying to catch the swans.

According to post, two men were seen approaching the pond with a pole and net before they attempted to catch one.

However, they were chased off by bystanders before they were able to successfully catch one of the animals.

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Posters will be put up around the park reminding people it is an offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 to disturb, harass or cause disturbance to Swans, cygnets and other wildfowl with young.

Swans have been the property of the crown since the 12 century and were a favoured medieval banqueting dish.

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Shock as public chases off two men caught trying to abduct a swan
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