Two Men Shocked In Florence Swimming Pool

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Son jumps in electrified pool to save father in Florence; one dies

A father and son were hospitalized for treatment of electric shock injuries they sustained today in a pool at a Florence home.

Update: According to a report from news partner WHNT-19, ECM Memorial Hospital confirmed Friday evening that the older of the two men had died.

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Witnesses told police a man was found unresponsive in a pool on the 100 block of Augusta Street before 1 p.m. and his adult son jumped in attempting to save him, Sgt. Brad Holmes said. The son described being "shocked" while in the pool, Holmes said.

"We can confirm that an electrical current was found in the swimming pool, however, the nature of the current is still under investigation," Holmes said in a news release. "It is our understanding that both men were resuscitated by medical personnel and are being transferred to acute care units within the hospital."

The names and ages of the victims haven't been released. Witnesses at the scene described the father as being at least 60 years old. The son was described as being in serious condition Friday evening, according to the WHNT-19 report.

The city's fire, building and electric departments are assisting police with the investigation.

"While we do not believe the incident is criminal in nature, we will continue to work with the family and city officials to determine the cause of the electrical current in the pool," Holmes said.

Additional information hasn't been released.

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Son jumps in electrified pool to save father in Florence; one dies
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