U.S. Rep. John Lewis, An American Icon Of The Civil Rights Movement, Reflects On The 1962 Summer He Spent In Cairo

After working to integrate restaurants, the nonviolent activists moved their efforts toward recreational facilities, Pimblott writes, including the above-mentioned swimming pool, as well as a roller rink. After Illinois’ attorney general issued a legal opinion that the owner of the Roller Bowl could not exclude black youth, Koen, recently trained in nonviolent racial reconciliation tactics by Lewis, led a group of 38 students there on Aug. 17, 1962. Pimblott quotes local activist Hattie Kendrick in recalling the scene that afternoon: “All hell broke loose. They were knocked down and beaten like dogs. They were beaten over the heads with iron rods rapped in… (barbed) wire.”

Source : http://thesouthern.com/news/local/acha/u-s-rep-john-lewis-an-american-icon-of-the/article_92351c7f-048f-5f47-a252-92ec65ba0f73.html

U.S. Rep. John Lewis, an American icon of the Civil Rights Movement, reflects on the 1962 summer he spent in Cairo
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