UPDATE: Emergency Crews Respond To Florence Home, 2 Shocked In Residential Pool

FLORENCE, Ala. – One man has died and a second is in serious condition following an incident at a pool.

Florence Fire and Rescue were called to a home on Augusta Street just before 1 P.M. Friday for a possible drowning. As they were in route, the call went out for a second victim.

According to Florence police, a family member was checking on a 60-year-old man who was doing work in the pool area of the house. When they got there they found him unresponsive in the pool.

After calling 911, a call was made to the victim’s son. When he arrived, the son jumped in to pull his dad to safety. Emergency responders said as he was getting his dad to the pool deck, the son started experiencing electrical shock. When fire fighters got to the scene, the son was also unresponsive.  Both men were transported to Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital in Florence.  The hospital confirmed Friday night the father died.  The son is in serious condition.

Electrical, fire and police investigators were on the scene all afternoon trying to determine what caused the incident.  Police confirmed an electrical current in the pool but were trying to determine the source.



Source : http://whnt.com/2017/05/19/emergency-crews-respond-to-florence-home-2-shocked-in-residential-pool/

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