What Independence Should Truly Mean

Many Jamaicans are in a festive mood because of the Emancipation and Independence holidays. Some feel a sense of national pride, while others are just thankful for the days off from work. The Sunday Observer visited Sundown Crescent in St Andrew yesterday to find out what the two holidays mean to Jamaicans.

Ivorine Tomlinson

For me, I look for forward to Independence Day celebration. I am really looking forward to it. I think Independence time is quite entertaining and I am hoping that we will have some of the same festivities that we had last year this year.

Coydette Green

Emancipation, I think that much more emphasis should be placed on Emancipation. Jamaicans we need to free up our minds more. We are still in mental slavery, there are some people who still think that they are better than people. I think that we need to have more things to showcase our history to our children, and I also think that we need to strive for more unity in Jamaica.

Remoski Russell

I really appreciate the celebration, but I don't think that we really celebrate what it stands for. We are 51 now but still not at the point that we should be. We are racist, classist, and still fighting against each other when we should be thinking about helping each other and about building a better nation.

Lynford Birch

Me a man weh always try to be good during the Emancipation period. It brings back memories of back in the days and I always try to enjoy myself at this time. I always love seeing the festivities. This time is a time for us to come together as a country and bring out our culture. But not all of us value the culture.

Sherine Minott

I am not feeling the Emancipation and Independence holidays anymore. One time you use to hear festival song and you feel the mood of the time. Now, sometimes you don't even know its festival time. The songs now don't have any meaning as they did before. Yes slavery has been abolished but not to the full extent. People still under slavery; it may not be by chains and shackles but it still exist.

Wayne Mahadeo

Emancipation Day is, I don't know. I don't feel it is necessary. Independence, though, I think is necessary. As far as where we are now I don't think we are operating as an independent country because economically we struggling because of bad decisions that the governments, both of them, made. If we were still under British rule we would be better economically. We need the Independence holiday but I don't think we really need Emancipation. We should celebrate both of them as one on Independence Day.

Deryck Rose

Emancipation and Independence shows how the country has progressed, how we have grown out of slavery. It shows that we Jamaicans can learn to run our own country. I think we should appreciate the holidays because it shows where we are coming from and that is significant. I think we should use this time to show the world that we still can do it on our own.

Ludlow McBean

Independence means a lot to me because it makes me independent. It brings back a lot of memories. Last night, I hear some festival songs that meck me don't waan move. But I think we need to use those days to get rid of the tribal war in the country. I think we should use both days to cut down on the crime and violence in the country. We should use it to get some more unity, and I wish all Jamaicans much more love for Emancipation and Independence.

Source : http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/Emancipation--Independence--What-do-they-mean-to-you_14815246

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